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Honey Spas Comments

nancy5555 says: (4 years ago)
The continue saga goes on with Honey Spas. My husband had to install the insulation around the plumbing and electricity himself to keep the heat in during the cold months. Now the light doesn't work. Again, do yourself a favor and stay away from this company. They do not stand by their inferior product.

nancy5555 says: (4 years ago)
The only revision to my comments are Tim Honey refunded the $300.00 for our chemicals and told my husband to go elsewhere for our chemicals. My husband did that and balanced our swim spa on our own with out any help from Tim Honey after which, Tim Honey threatened my husband with bodily harm. Upon receiving the useless warranty, there is no stipulation about posting negative reviews would make the warranty null and void. We were notified by our attorneys to add this adjustment. But everything stated in the above comment is the same. If I can prevent any one else suffering under this man's disreputable behavior, I have succeeded.

nancy5555 says: (4 years ago)
All the positive comments are written by the owners of Honey Spas, Honey Corporation Ellyn Honey and Tim Honey.

nancy5555 says: (4 years ago)
All the positive reviews are from Honey Spas owners Ellyn and Tim Honey, not to be believed.

nancy5555 says: (4 years ago)
Please stay away from Honey Spas. We purchased a swim spa from them in January for $12,600.00. We paid in cash and promptly at the insistence of Tim Honey to help keep his men working through the winter. We were promised delivery by the middle of May, but it was delivered Memorial Day weekend and we had to provide 95% of the manpower. We were promised by Tim Honey in front of all the men of my family and friends that whatever we needed he would be there for us. It is only his second swim spa, so he said there may be some issues but he would be there for us every step of the way. Our swim spa has only be in for three weeks and has silicone rings floating in it every time we turn on the jets. We bought additional chemicals for $300.00 and two more filters, that we never received. He never came over to instruct us how to dispense the proper chemicals and the jets as he promised. My husband had to go to honey spas, where his wife gave him a little pamphlet on programing the filtration system Our swim spa has been green and slimy now for a week. My husband called Tim Honey and left a message to inform him about the condition of the swim spa in the beginning of the week with no response. I private messaged him on face book about returning our call and the state of the swim spa. He finally called and was very defensive and argumentative with my husband. He told him that he would send his daughter out to get a sample today which never happened. I posted a comment about hoping anyone in the future who buys a swim spa, once it's delivered, I hope they hear from him. He called our home phone last nigh twice and my husband's work cell phone twice last night, leaving a very irate, rude message demanding an apology. I spoke to him this morning 6/19 to no satisfaction. He told me I should behave and apologize to him. He spoke to us about the previous owner in a derogatory manner calling Carlos' wife the most horrible b word he ever met. I told him how unprofessional I felt this was calling his customer such horrible things and that it is slander and unprofessional to share that with us. He informed me that when he speaks about me to his customers he will be using the same vernacular unless I behave and apologize. I responded to him that he was misogynist, and hated women. He responded, "that's right I hate women, that's the way I will always be, take it or leave it." Is this the way you treat your customers who paid $12,600 for a product, you will not stand by? Scream, yell and insult them when they need their swim spa serviced. My husband called him to admonish him to never speak to his wife in this manner. He told my husband if he wanted the 2000 lb. spa serviced to bring it in. Is this professional behavior? For the extreme price your paying for this product, the quality and customer service is not there. The cheapest materials were used for the cabinet of the swim spa.

He still would not do anything about this $12,600 green pond. It is expensive lawn furniture now. When my husband brought the water sample over to Tim Honey, his daughter informed us the bromine was too low, which means the filtration system isn't working correctly to distribute the chemicals throughout the swim spa. He still refused to help us and threatened to tear my husband apart. He also refused to give us our 30 year warranty which is part of our purchase agreement and to take legal action to get it, which we have done. We also filed a report with the police for the harassment and threat to do bodily injury to my husband. Don't ever do business with this man or his company. You will regret it.

Our attorneys received a warranty from Honey Tubs that is virtually useless. Our cover 5 year warranty and shell warranty for 35 years is a manufacture guarantee, not from Honey Spas. Wood cabinet is one year. Electrical parts three years 100%, and year 4 and 5 at 50%. Control systems, one year but all parts provided by manufacturer are under their warranty eg., ozonators, lights, fuses etc. All shipping and labor costs to repair are not covered. Honey wants notice by writing with the original receipt of purchase ten days before they will repair it. My attorneys advised me not to have Honey Spas service my swim spa for he has proven to be so disreputable, they do no trust him. They and we believe he would deliberately sabotage the swim spa.

Furthermore, Honey Tubs' attorney informed my attorney that if I provide a negative review, that my warranty would be null and void, which is against my first amendment rights, therefore unconstitutional.

I can not stress enough, stay away from this business, and if you do trust this man, that you know he is lying just because he speaks, Don't sign anything until you have everything in writing including a warranty.

We are his second swim spa customer, and both the first and second customers are not pleased. He has terrible reviews. Only positive reviews are by him and his wife. He's had a law suit through district court and tax liens against him. His way of resolving issues is by insults, bullying, and physical threats.

I do this as a warning to others to avoid this aggravation like a plague.

honeyspas says: (8 years ago)
We appreciate all the kind words, and we strive in customer service. We are here to make sure your hot tub is up and running when you need it most.

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